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Bathing and swimming
Neuwerk beaches and bathing places


Bathing and swimming

Refreshing bathing pleasure also possible on Neuwerk

Neuwerk may not be a classic bathing island, but there are still opportunities for swimming and bathing here. At low tide, pretty beaches of fine sand can form in some places, such as the harbor area or to the right and left of the radar tower. The area near the marina is also a good place to refresh yourself in the cool water on hot days.

The approximately 200-meter-long bathing beach on the western shore in the area of the Elbe-Neuwerk fairway and the Hundebalje tideway is fortified on the landward side by stone groynes and wooden planks. As a coastal body of water, the bathing area is significantly influenced by the tides, with the tidal range between two and four meters. Flow velocities average less than one-half meter per second, but flow velocities in excess of three meters per second can occur in places. Particular care is therefore required for non-swimmers and children, as there is no bathing supervision. Basically, it is important to note that swimming in tideways and from sandbanks is dangerous due to the strong current.

If you would like to rub yourself with silt, which is considered the “healing clay of the sea” on the North Sea, you will find a natural source in the mudflats of Neuwerk. Silt contains essential minerals such as potassium, calcium, sulfur and phosphorus, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism, has an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effect. This improves the appearance of the skin and strengthens the connective tissue. A mud pack is also recommended for neurodermatitis! The basis of the beneficial wellness mud is very fine sand, salts and clay, as well as organic dead material from crabs, snails, mussels and algae.

The old and (hopefully) soon new bathhouse
The old bathhouse on Neuwerk was demolished in 2020 because it was getting on in years. Thanks to a successful crowdfunding campaign, a new bathhouse will soon be built. The idea for the reconstruction was discussed with the island’s chairman and owner of the Hotel Nige Hus, Christian Griebel, and has also been closely coordinated with the construction department of the Hamburg Port Authority. A sum of 20,000 euros was needed for the reconstruction, which was raised via crowdfunding. We hope that the new bathhouse will be at least as beautiful as the old one.

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Details on location, times, costs and target group as well as tips

  • The beaches for bathing and swimming are located in the harbor area and to the right and left of the radar tower.
  • Another bathing place is located on the western shore in the area of the Elbe-Neuwerk fairway and the Hundebalje tideway.
  • Bathing is possible in appropriate weather conditions.
  • The tides have a significant influence on the bathing area, at low tide it is possible to swim in the tideways.
  • Bathing is possible for everyone, there is no age limit.
  • However, special care is required, especially for non-swimmers and children.
  • Bathing and swimming is free of charge.
  • Turbidity in the water is usually high and the depth of visibility is shallow, so special care is needed.
  • There is no lifeguard, so you should be aware that you swim at your own risk.
  • Swimmers should be especially careful at high current speeds.

Neuwerk does not offer typical bathing beaches, but there are some places where you can swim in the mudflats or in the open sea if the weather is right.

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