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New workshop moves into the former island school
A new home for the popular gift store


New workshop moves into the former island school

New workshop moves to save historic school building from vacancy

Neuwerkstatt, the popular souvenir store and contact point for island souvenirs on Neuwerk, moves to the former island school. Due to the closure of the island school for lack of students, there is now an opportunity to fill the historic building with new life while continuing the operation of the new workshop.

Since opening in April 2011, Neuwerkstatt has established itself as a fixture on the island, offering visitors the opportunity to enhance their island round with a shopping break. With a variety of products such as T-shirts, jackets, postcards, small items to bring home, literature about tidal flats, living creatures and much more, the Neuwerkstatt provides variety and unique souvenirs of Neuwerk.

The move to the former island school opens up new opportunities for the new workshop while creating space for the historic building to continue to be used and cared for. The island school may have lost its original function, but the islanders’ legacy now lives on in the new workshop.

Visit Neuwerk in its new home and discover the many souvenirs and treasures that capture the charm and history of Neuwerk. Just drop by and see for yourself the selection and quality of the items on offer.

For more visit the new workshop website:

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Title: New workshop moves into the former island school
Published on: 28. March 2023
Category: Neuwerk

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