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Restaurant Zum Anker
Quaint and maritime - the "Anker" is much more than a restaurant


Restaurant Zum Anker

For regular guests, the Anker is "the secret heart of Neuwerk".

The restaurant "Zum Anker" is a rustic maritime restaurant with a lot of charm and atmosphere. Here, mudflat guides, day guests, riders, sailors, birdwatchers and islanders meet for a leisurely chat. Whether a romantic candlelight dinner with good wine or a freshly tapped beer at the bar, at the Anker every vacation day comes to a comfortable end. When it gets dark on Neuwerk, the anchor becomes the meeting place for night owls. On our wind-protected roof terrace you can also enjoy a beautiful panoramic view over Neuwerk. Here, body and soul are pampered in equal measure. Come by and experience the "secret heart of Neuwerk"!

Food and drinks menu

Gericht und BeschreibungPreis
8,50 €Crab Soup "Neuwerker Style"
6,90 €Sweet potato soup
14,50 €Mixed saladwith boiled potatoes and herb quark
16,50 €Mixed saladwith curry herring bites and boiled potatoes
19,50 €Mixed saladwith fried fish fillet strips
19,50 €Mixed saladwith fried turkey strips
14,50 €Mixed saladwith fried cream cheese potato pockets
15,90 €Herring breadwith Swedish matjes and onions
22,90 €Crab breadwith North Sea shrimp
Fried potatoes
Our fried potatoes are a house specialty and are prepared with bacon and onions. For vegetarians on request also without bacon.
16,50 €"Farmersbreakfast"Fried potatoes with scrambled eggs and smoked ham
14,50 €Fried potatoes with three fried eggs
10,50 €Portion of fried potatoes
5,50 €Portion of french fries
Meat dishes
We are happy to serve all meat dishes with your choice of French fries, fried potatoes or boiled potatoes as a side dish.
13,50 €Currywurst with french fries
11,50 €Chicken nuggets with french fries
21,50 €Turkey steakwith herb butter, French fries, parsnips and carrots
19,90 €Cream Schnitzelwith mushroom sauce cream sauce, fried potatoes and salad
19,90 €Hamburger Schnitzelwith fried eggs, fried potatoes and salad
18,50 €Thick ribmarinated and fried with BBQ sauce, fried potatoes and salad
29,50 €Rumpsteakwith herb butter, fried potatoes and salad
(on advance order, please contact us one day in advance)
Fish and crab dishes
We are happy to serve all fish dishes with your choice of French fries, fried potatoes or boiled potatoes as a side dish.
21,50 €Hake filletfried in butter with remoulade, fried potatoes and salad
24,50 €Redfish filletFried in butter with remoulade, fried potatoes and side salad
25,50 €"Fried fish plate"
Hake fillet, redfish fillet and pollock fried in butter with tartar sauce, fried potatoes and salad
25,50 €"North Sea Plate"
Prawns, matjes fillet “housewife style” and fried fish fillet with fried potatoes and side salad
19,90 €"Heratjesteller"- Sherry matjes - marinated in beetroot juice and sherry
- Mathe's housewife style - with an apple and onion sauce
- Herring bites - in a curry marinade
with fried potatoes
15,50 €Smoked salmonwith honey mustard sauce on potato rösti and salad
29,50 €Fisherman breakfastNorth Sea shrimp with scrambled eggs and fried potatoes
18,50 €Pickled fried mackerelhomemade, with fried potatoes
16,90 €Bowl vegan
Basmati rice, avocado, edamame, pineapple, cucumber, tomato, carrot, sesame seeds of choice
optionally with tahini or mango dressing
19,50 €Bowl with turkeyadditionally with turkey strips
19,50 €Bowl with salmonadditionally with smoked salmon
For our guests with food intolerances, we have a separate menu that lists all additives that require labeling. Feel free to ask us!
Getränk und BeschreibungPreis
Beer from the barrelKategorietitel
4,00 €Haake Beck Pilsner 0.3 l
5,30 €Haake Beck Pilsner 0.4 l
4,10 €Steuermann's Amber 0.3 l
6,50 €Steuermann's Amber 0.5 l
4,00 €Alster Water 0.3 l
5,30 €Alster Water 0.4 l
Bottled beersKategorietitel
6,20 €Franziskaner Wheat Beer 0.5 l(Dark / Crystal / Non-Alcoholic)
6,20 €Franziskaner Hefe Weizenbier 0.5 l
6,20 €Franziskaner Kellerbier Naturally Cloudy 0.5 l
3,50 €Schöfferhofer Wheat Grapefruit 0.33 l
3,90 €Beck's 0.33 l
3,90 €Beck's non-alcoholic 0.33 l
4,20 €Steuermanns Malt Beer 0.33 l
4,20 €Krombacher'a Fassbrause 0.33 l
Soft DrinksKategorietitel
4,20 €Thomas Henry Tonic Water 0.2 l
4,20 €Schweppes Bitter Lemon 0.2 l
4,20 €Schweppes Ginger Ale 0.2 l
4,30 €Bionade Elderberry 0.33 l bottle
2,90 €Mineral Water 0.2 l
6,90 €Waterkant Mineral Water 0.7 l bottle
3,40 €Juice Spritzer 0.2 l
5,10 €Juice Spritzer 0.4 l
4,30 €Lütts Rhubarb Spritzer 0.33 l bottle
3,40 €Coca-Cola 0.2 l
5,10 €Coca-Cola 0.4 l
3,40 €Coca-Cola Zero 0.2 l
3,40 €Sprite 0.2 l
3,40 €Fanta 0.2 l
4,30 €fritz-kola/ fritz-kola sugar-free 0.33 l
4,30 €Mishmash 0.33 l
3,80 €Apple Juice 0.2 l
3,80 €Orange Juice 0.2 l
4,20 €Passion Fruit Nectar 0.2 l
3,10 €Tomato Juice 0.2 l
4,20 €Banana Nectar 0.2 l
4,20 €Cherry Nectar 0.2 l
3,10 €Multivitamin Juice 0.2 l
Hot Drinks
Cakes and tarts are ready for you in the display case in the entrance area
4,20 €Pott Tea (400 Ml In loose Eilles quality)
3,90 €Pot Of Coffee
4,20 €Pot Of Hot Chocolate With Whipped Cream
4,30 €Cappuccino
3,20 €Espresso
4,50 €Latte Macchiato
4,50 €Milk Coffee
Hot drinks "with something inside"
Cakes and tarts are ready for you in the display case in the entrance area
5,90 €Rum Grog(rum / water)
5,90 €Plover(Content secret / the fifth p. p. is free)
5,90 €Neuwerk Cafe(eggnog or Baileys / café crème / cream topping)
5,90 €Irish Coffee(Irish whiskey / coffee / cream topping)
5,90 €Latino(Amaretto / cocoa / whipped cream)
5,90 €Lumumba(rum / cocoa / whipped cream)
5,90 €Pharisee(rum / coffee / whipped cream)
6,50 €Eggnog(arrak / rum / eggnog / cream topping)
5,50 €Mulled Wine
Clear ShotsKategorieuntertitel
2,60 €Grain 2clfreezing
2,40 €Prince Bismarck 2clfreezing
3,20 €Helbing Caraway 2clfreezing
2,80 €Vodka Gorbachev 2cl
3,20 €Absolut Vodka 2cl
2,80 €Bomerlunder 2clfreezing
3,50 €Maltese Cross 2clfreezing
4,10 €Jubilee Aquavit 2clfreezing
4,20 €Line Aquavit 2clfreezing
3,50 €Neuwerker Aquavit 2clfreezing
3,50 €Jule Aquavit From Aalborg 2cl
3,00 €Bacardi 2cl
3,20 €Myers'S 2cl
3,00 €Hansen 2cl
2,90 €Old Pascas 73% 2cl
3,20 €Neuwerker Schmuggler (Ulex) 2cl
3,20 €Havana Club 3 Years 2cl
4,20 €Havana Club 7 Years 2cl
5,50 €Botucal Reserve Exclusive 2cl
5,90 €Centenario Fundacion 20 Years 2cl
6,50 €Ron Zacapa 23 Years 2cl
2,60 €Mariacron 2cl
3,20 €Asbach 2cl
3,90 €Metaxa 2cl
4,50 €Hennessy 2cl(Cognac)
3,20 €Veteran 2cl
3,20 €Gordon's Gin 2cl
4,20 €Bombay Sapphire Gin 2cl
5,20 €Hendrick's Gin 2cl
4,70 €The London No. 1 2cl
5,90 €Tanqueray Gin 2cl
Herbal liqueursKategorieuntertitel
3,80 €Jägermeister 2 clfreezing
2,40 €Boonekamp 2cl
3,20 €Ramazzotti 2cl
3,20 €Averna 2cl
3,80 €Fernet Branca 2cl
3,20 €Runt 2cl
3,30 €Absinthe 2cl
2,40 €Cointreau 2clbitter orange
3,20 €Frangelico 2clhazelnut
3,40 €Cotton liqueur 2cl(Ulex) Brittle
2,40 €Apricot liqueur 2cl(Ulex) Apricot
3,20 €Amaretto 2clalmond
2,40 €Grand Marnier 2clbitter orange
3,20 €Southern Comfort 2clpeach/orange
3,40 €Bailey's 2cl
2,70 €Eggnog 2cl
3,20 €Sambuca 2clanise, licorice
3,70 €Friesian Spirit 2cl0.56
3,20 €Ouzo 2clanise
3,00 €Pernod 2clanise
3,00 €Ricard 2clanise
3,20 €Licor 43 2cl43 ingredients
3,60 €Neuwerker Fire 2cl(ULEX) 54%
Fruit BrandiesKategorieuntertitel
3,10 €Cherry Brandy 2cl
4,00 €Williams Pear 2cl
3,70 €Obstler 2cl
3,40 €Grappa Ulex 2cl
4,70 €Grappa Nonino 2cl
3,20 €Tequila 2clagave
5,20 €Jim Beam 4Cl
4,70 €Johnny Walker 4Cl
6,20 €Jack Daniel'S 4Cl
7,50 €Chivas Regal 4Cl
6,90 €Jameson 4Cl
5,20 €Balvenie Double Wood 12 Years 2cl
Open WinesKategorietitel
White WinesKategorieuntertitel
6,50 €Chardonnay Dry 0.2 l
6,50 €Pinot Grigio Dry 0.2 l
6,50 €Riesling Dry 0.2 l
Red WinesKategorieuntertitel
6,50 €Merlot Dry 0.2 l
6,50 €El Adivino Dry 0,2 l
8,50 €Primitivo Dry 0.2 l
Rose WineKategorieuntertitel
6,50 €Rosé Cuvée Dornfelder & Blue Portugieser 0.2 l
Sparkling WineKategorieuntertitel
16,50 €Cielo 9° Half-Dry 0.75 l
5,50 €Sparkling Wine Piccolo 0.2 l
13,50 €Secco Frizzante Dry 0.75 l
6,90 €Prosecco Piccolo Scavi & Ray 0.2 l
5,90 €Wine Spritzer 0.2 l
bottled WinesKategorietitel
White WinesKategorieuntertitel
23,00 €Riesling Dry 0.75 l bottleGermany, Moselle, Stoffel Winery
28,00 €Chardonnay Dry 1 l bottleItaly, Venice, Sacchetto
28,00 €Pinot Gris Dry 1 l bottleItaly, Venice, Sacchetto
23,00 €Du Neuf en Gascogne Dry 0.75 l bottleFrance, Provence, Plaimont
Red WinesKategorieuntertitel
23,00 €Merlot Dry 0.75 l bottleItaly, Cariano, Bolla Winery
23,00 €El Adivino Dry 0.75 l bottleSpain, Winery Félix Solís
21,50 €Primitivo Dry & Fruity 0.75 l bottle
Papale Primitivo di Manduria, Italy, Apulia, Varvaglione Winery
Rose WineKategorieuntertitel
23,00 €Rosé Cuvée Dry 0.75 l bottleDornfelder & Blue Portuguese
Germany, Palatinate, Weingut Hammel & Cie
Mixed Drinkswith 4 clKategorietitel
7,50 €Vodka - Oj
7,50 €Vodka lemon
6,50 €Korn - Cola
6,90 €Veterano - Cola
7,50 €Pernod-Cola
6,90 €Havana Club (3 Years) - Cola
7,50 €Bacardi-Coke
6,50 €Havana Club—Coke
6,90 €Campari – Oj
7,50 €Licor 43 – Milk
6,00 €Amaretto - Apple Juice
7,50 €Southern Comfort - Ginger Ale
7,50 €Whiskey-Coke
8,50 €Jack Daniel's-Coke
8,50 €Balvenie-Coke
7,50 €Gordon's Gin - Tonic
8,90 €Bombay Sapphire Gin - Tonic
9,50 €Hendrick's Gin - Tonic
9,50 €Havana Club (7 Years) – Coke
10,50 €Gin Sul - Tonic
6,70 €Passion Fruit Cocktail(Bacardi – passion fruit juice – vanilla ice cream)
6,70 €Rosato Duo(Ramazzotti Rosato – Tonic – Lime)
6,50 €Pink Flamingos(Amaretto – Batida de Coco – cherry juice)
6,50 €Cuba libre(Havana Club - Cola - Lime)
8,50 € Limoncello Spritz(Limoncello - secco - mineral water)
4,90 €Martinirosso/Bianco
7,90 €Aperole Spritz(Aperol – secco – mineral water)
7,90 €Wildberry Lillet(Lillet Rosé – Schweppes Wildberry)

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Discover the regional and seasonal cuisine at Nige Hus. Our menu offers a mix of maritime cuisine and traditional North German specialties. Especially recommended are our culinary events, such as the mudflat buffet or the buffet offer in the in-house smokehouse. Let our kitchen team spoil you!


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