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Information on how to get to Neuwerk

Let’s go to Neuwerk – By wading car or ship, at low tide even on foot, that’s how you reach the island of Neuwerk. One thing is for sure, your rest begins with the arrival, I promise! Information on the various ways to get to Neuwerk can be foand below. Ask us, we will be happy to help and advise you and take care of the reservations if you wish!

Arrival to the island Neuwerk by wadden car

High-wheeled and well-suspended, the two-in-hands pull their passengers safely through the mudflats and tidal flats. In just over an hour you can directly reach the hotel Nige Hus. Unforgettable will be the smell of sea and mudflats, enjoy pure nature. The ride on the wadden car is a very special experience and the wonderful beginning of your island vacation!

We also recommend that you have warm and weatherproof clothing handy during the summer months, as the waders travel in sunshine as well as rain.

The ride starts at the Wattwagen launch site in Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg Hans-Claußen-Straße 21, 27476 Cuxhaven (right next to the rescue station). See below for parking info.

In order to make your arrival and departure planning as easy as possible, we will be happy to help you and arrange the desired seats with one of the local trucking companies. In conjunction with booking a room in our hotel, the wagon ride costs € 35.00 per person and route.

We will gladly take care of your reservation. Call us at Tel. +49 (0)4721 29561 or send us an inquiry via the contact form.

Ferry crossing

The ferry trip to Neuwerk is tidal and can be booked daily from the end of March to the end of October with the passenger ship MS “Flipper” of the shipping company Cassen Eils. The approximately two-hour ferry ride is already an exciting experience and allows unforgettable views of the Kugelbake, the landmark of the city of Cuxhaven, the ferry port and the Ro-Ro plant.

Departure is from the ferry dock on the inner edge of the “Old Love”. You can find information about parking below: “Getting to the departure point by car”.

In case of strong sea conditions, the crossing with MS “Flipper” may be cancelled at short notice. It is therefore advisable to check the current timetable and possible timetable changes before traveling.

For more information about the ferry connection as well as prices and ticket booking, please contact the shipping company Cassen Eils:

Arrival on foot on the mudflat hiking trail

Experience the unique natural environment of the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea on a hike across the seabed from the launch site Sahlenburg or from the launch site Duhnen. You have the option of a guided tour or an individual hike to the island. If you have never hiked the mudflats before, we recommend a guided mudflat hike for your first time, as there are some rules to follow.

Guided tours of the tidal flats are offered by various local operators. The tours start regularly from Sahlenburg or Duhnen during the season. You should be at the respective meeting point approximately 30 minutes before the specified start time. Here are some of the providers:

Neuwerk can be reached on foot in about 2.5 to 3 hours on the marked mudflat hiking trail, even without a guide. The route is to be started in such a way that one arrives at the destination at the latest at the time of low water. If necessary, please note the timely booking of the outward or return journey by boat or tidal flat car for individual tidal flat walks.

Arrival by own boat

Neuwerk has a small harbor in the south, which can be used by pleasure boats. This can only be reached from the north via the Elbe-Neuwerk fairway and from the south via the Neuwerker Loch. A crossing of the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park between Neuwerk and the mainland is possible through the Weser-Elbe mudflat fairway.

For the Little Bird Sand and the areas northwest of the Paddler’s Stepping Stone (west of Scharhörn), the 3-hour regulation for navigation applies (permitted from 3 hours before high tide to 3 hours after high tide).

The bird and seal protection areas (VSG / RSG) located within Zone I are generally closed to navigation; the current nautical chart is authoritative.

Falling dry and walking on the tidal flats is permitted in Zone II as well as on the shore line along the Elbe-Weser tidal flats fairway, the Neuwerker Loch and along the east side of the Elbe-Neuwerk fairway as well as on the Scharhörn reef for an area 100 m in diameter aroand the point with coordinates 53° 57.50 N and 8° 21.70 E (paddler’s stepping stone).

In addition to the National Park Act, the basis for navigation in the Hamburg Wadden Sea National Park is the Ordinance on Navigation on Federal Waterways in National Parks in the North Sea Area (NPNordSBefV).

Arrival to the departure points to the island Neuwerk

Arrival to the departure point by car

Neuwerk visitors who arrive by car and want to go by waders or on foot from Sahlenburg to the island, have the possibility to park on the municipal parking lot for Neuwerk visitors at Hans-Retzlaff-Straße 4 in 27476 Cuxhaven-Sahlenburg. Attention: The maximum vehicle height is 2.20 m.
For 4,- € (daily fee) you can park for 9 hours, from 9:00 to 18:00 (between 18:00 and 9:00 free of charge). At the parking ticket machine on the first parking lot (right on Hans-Retzlaff-Straße) it is possible to pay with EC card. The other machines accept only coins. The purchased parking tickets are valid for all three parking lots on Hans-Retzlaff-Straße. Tickets can be purchased for a maximum parking period of 10 days (40,- €). In case of longer stays on the island, the city of Cuxhaven offers the possibility to pay the parking fees in advance by bank transfer (from a parking duration of 4 days). For this purpose, the following form must be filled out and sent to the city administration approx. 14 days before the start of the trip: Application for long-term parking permit Neuwerk .
For more information about the parking lot for Neuwerk visitors on Hans-Retzlaff-Straße, please visit the pages of the city of Cuxhaven .

Those who would like to start the mudflat hike on foot from Duhnen will find parking facilities for cars and campers at the Duhnen beach parking lot, (Duhner Allee 2, 27476 Cuxhaven). The fees for cars are 7,00 € for 24 hours. Payment is made at the end of the parking time at the machine. Bills and coins are accepted.
You can find more information about the beach parking Duhnen here: .

For visitors arriving by car and coming to the island by ferry, the large parking lot “Am Alten Hafen”, Leuchtturmweg in 27472 Cuxhaven is available. The fees are 9,00 € for 24 hours. There are no height restrictions.
More information about the parking lot “Am Alten Hafen”: .

Arrival to the departure point by bus

The buses of the KVG take you, depending on your desired journey to the island, from the Cuxhaven train station / ZOB to the ferry pier at the “Alte Liebe” or to the Wattwagen launch site Sahlenburg. If you want to walk to Neuwerk, this bus will also take you to the starting point of the mudflat hike Sahlenburg, which is right next to it. And you can also reach the starting point for the mudflat hike in Duhnen by bus from the ZOB.

Timetables, route network, prices and current bus connections can be foand on the KVG website:

Return from Neuwerk by ferry:
After arrival of the MS “Flipper” a shuttle bus of the KVG is available from the “Alte Liebe” back to Duhen / Sahlenburg (from a minimum number of 25 persons and subject to availability). Please note the announcements during the return journey of the ship from Neuwerk.

Arrival to the departure point by cab

Cuxhaven cab services will get you comfortably and quickly to your desired starting point for your trip to Neuwerk. The trip from the Cuxhaven train station / ZOB to the “Alte Liebe” the ferry dock for the crossing by ship, for example, takes only a few minutes and costs about 6 to 8 euros. You can calculate the exact prices for cab rides in Cuxhaven in advance with the cab calculator Cuxhaven .

Arrival impressions

Let yourself be enchanted by the impressions on the way to Neuwerk Island!

Whether by ferry, tidal flat car or tidal flat hike – the arrival at Hotel Nige Hus on the North Sea island of Neuwerk is the beginning of an unforgettable vacation. Experience impressive impressions of the journey in our picture gallery and let yourself be inspired.


If you have any questions or concerns, we are happy to assist you

Thank you for your interest in our house. Feel free to use our contact form or simply call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

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