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Viking chess (Kubb)
Socializing and fun in the green


Viking chess (Kubb)

Fun and strategy at outdoor social game in hotel garden

Experience shared and unforgettable moments playing Viking chess (Kubb) in our hotel garden. Let yourself be carried away by the fascination of this outdoor social game and enjoy the soothing atmosphere of our green space. Viking Chess, also known as Kubb, is a strategy game that has its roots in Scandinavian culture and today enjoys worldwide popularity.

The hotel will provide you with the Kubb set, so you can start a game at any time. Play on our specially designated area in the garden and experience social hours in the fresh air. The rules are easy to learn, so even beginners can quickly get into the game. Whether a beginner or an experienced player, Kubb is a game for everyone and provides fun and excitement. You may even want to organize a small tournament with other hotel guests and compete in friendly competitions.

Besides the playful aspect, the garden also gives you the opportunity to enjoy nature and relax between rounds of games. The green area is generously designed and offers enough space for recreation and leisure activities. Leave everyday life behind and immerse yourself in the world of Viking chess!

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Details on location, times, costs and target group as well as tips

  • In the garden of the hotel on the designated area.
  • Other areas of the garden can also be used in consultation with the hotel staff.
  • Anytime, as long as the weather cooperates and the play areas are free.
  • Evening games are also possible, but pay attention to the volume so as not to disturb other guests.
  • For all hotel guests, regardless of age and experience with the game.
  • Ideal for families, friends or to meet new people.
  • The use of the Kubb set and play areas is free of charge for hotel guests.
  • A fee may apply if the Kubb set is lost or damaged.
  • Get to know other hotel guests and organize joint games or small tournaments.
  • Follow the rules of the game and make sure that all players have fun and play fairly.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes to move freely and enjoy the game to the fullest.

Discover the joy of Viking chess (Kubb) amidst the idyllic atmosphere of our hotel garden.

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