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Mudflat walks off Neuwerk
Explore the Wadden Sea up close


Mudflat walks off Neuwerk

Experience the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea on a mudflat hike

Mudflat walks are among the most impressive and unforgettable experiences that the North Sea island of Neuwerk has to offer. The Wadden Sea, which surrounds the island, was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009 and offers unique flora and fauna and fascinating natural phenomena. On a guided mudflat hike you can experience this natural wonder up close and learn more about the Wadden Sea ecosystem.

Guided mudflat walks offer an exciting experience for both adults and children. Experienced mudflat guides accompany the groups and vividly convey interesting facts about the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea, tides and the formation of the island of Neuwerk. In addition, the mudflat guides attach great importance to safety and make sure that the groups are always on the move at low tide and return in time.

On your mudflat walks, you may well come across washed-up carcasses of seals or small whales. Especially in the summer months, you may also come across seals that have just been born, the “howlers”. Please be sure to observe the following rules for your own protection: never touch the animals, whether still alive or already dead, note the position of your find and any special conspicuous features, and report the find to the National Park Administration (Tel. 04721 / 6 92 71) or to the Neuwerk National Park House (Tel. 04721 / 39 53 49).

The National Park administration offers various guided tours of the Wadden Sea, aimed at different target groups. For crossing shellfish beds, they recommend wading shoes or similar. Tours include On foot to Scharhörn, Mudflats for explorers and Experience the tide. Special offerings for children from the National Park Service include Explorers for a Day, rallies, Junior Rangers on a Discovery Tour, Exploring in the Experimentarium, Beach Finds and other crafts, and Wadden Sea Games. For more information on the guided tours with dates and contact options, please visit our island experience page on the Neuwerk National Park House.

In addition to guided mudflat walks, it is also possible to explore the Wadden Sea on your own. However, you should definitely pay attention to your safety. Please note the detailed information sheet of the National Park administration for mudflat hikers: Open information sheet .

To help you plan your mudflat walk, our website has many other exciting island experiences that you can combine with a general mudflat walk, such as oyster collecting in the mudflats, seal watching, or treasure hunting for amber.

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Details on location, times, costs and target group as well as tips

  • Tidal flat hikes can be made around the island of Neuwerk in the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea.
  • Guided mudflat walks usually start directly at the Neuwerk National Park House.
  • The mudflat walks are tide-dependent and are organized by experienced mudflat guides or the national park administration.
  • The current dates and times can be found on the website of the National Park House or just ask us.
  • Wading tours are suitable for adults and children.
  • Special offers and programs are provided for children by the National Park administration.
  • Mudflat walks on your own are of course free of charge.
  • The costs for guided mudflat walks vary depending on the offer and the organizer. Please ask for the current prices at the registration or directly at the Nationalpark-Haus Neuwerk.
  • Pay attention to the safety instructions and recommendations of the mudflat guides, especially when hiking the mudflats on your own.
  • Wear appropriate footwear such as wading boots or rubber boots to protect yourself from sharp-edged shells and slippery surfaces.
  • Observe wildlife and plants from a safe distance and do not touch animals, especially young seals.
  • Be considerate of the environment, wildlife and plant life, including nesting birds, during your mudflat walk.
  • Combine your mudflat hike with other island experiences, such as a visit to the Neuwerk National Park House, oyster collecting in the Wadden Sea, seal watching and treasure hunting for amber.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of the Wadden Sea and experience unforgettable moments in nature during a mudflat hike around the island of Neuwerk.

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