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Neuwerk east beacon
A historic lake landmark


Neuwerk east beacon

A historic landmark on the Outer Elbe

The Neuwerk East Beacon is a historic structure on the island of Neuwerk that has served as an important seaside landmark for centuries. Originally, the beacon dates from 1635 and was built by Barsenmeister Peter Petersen, also called Klappmütz. The East Beacon has taken on various guises over the years, with fires and storms often resulting in damage or even destruction of the wooden structure.

Hurricane Kyrill destroyed the east beacon in January 2007, but intensive efforts and support from the Hamburg Senate, the Hamburg Port Authority, the Stadtsparkasse Cuxhaven and numerous donations made reconstruction possible. In August 2009, reconstruction began on the old site at the original height of 25 meters, and the ceremonial inauguration took place on September 19, 2009.

Today’s Ostbake has long ceased to be an official sea mark, but it remains an important landmark of Neuwerk Island, next to the famous lighthouse. In its function as a landmark, it continues to be of great importance for fishermen, buoy layers and amber seekers. Island visitors and mudflat walkers also appreciate it as an orientation aid and as part of the island’s characteristic “skyline”.

The East Beacon offers its visitors not only an insight into the rich history of the island of Neuwerk and the maritime tradition of the region, but also the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking nature and landscape of the surrounding area. When you visit Neuwerk Island, a trip to the East Beacon should be on your list of things to see.

In addition to the Ostbake, there is another navigation marker on Neuwerk that is worth a visit: the radar tower, a modern navigation marker that plays an important role for shipping on the Elbe. This sea mark is also an interesting place for visitors who want to learn more about local seafaring. Another historic Neuwerk sea mark, the North Beacon, was considered one of the oldest sea marks in the North Sea (probably built before 1462) before it was brought down by the storm “Herwart” on October 29, 2017.



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Details on location, times, costs and target group as well as tips

  • The east beacon is located in the east of the island of Neuwerk on the Outer Elbe.
  • The exact position of the east beacon is 53°55.4'N 08°30.7'E.
  • The east beacon is accessible all year round.
  • The ceremonial inauguration of the reconstructed east beacon took place on September 19, 2009. An annual visit on this date could be a special experience.
  • The East Beacon is interesting for all visitors and tourists of Neuwerk Island, especially for those interested in history, culture and nature.
  • Fishermen, buoy layers and amber seekers use the beacon as a landmark and guide.
  • The visit to the East Beacon is free of charge.
  • Donations for the preservation of the Ostbake and other projects can be directed to the Gemeinnütziger Förderverein Insel Neuwerk e.V..
  • Besides the east beacon, you should also visit the north beacon and the radar tower, the other sea mark of the island.
  • Be aware of the island's bird breeding seasons and respect the local wildlife during your visit.

Discover the Neuwerk East Beacon, a cultural and historical monument and symbol of the island of Neuwerk, which has been brought back to life through intensive restoration.

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