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Goose weeks on Neuwerk
Immerse yourself in the world of migratory birds at Neuwerk


Goose weeks on Neuwerk

Experience the fascinating spectacle of the resting geese on Neuwerk

The goose weeks on Neuwerk invite you to experience thousands of geese and the vastness of the Wadden Sea up close. In April and May, additional events are held around geese, bird migration and nature conservation. The events are adapted to the tides and are free of charge. The National Park team is looking forward to your visit and offers a diverse program that will give you insights into the exciting world of geese.

The UNESCO Wadden Sea World Heritage Site forms the largest contiguous sand and mudflat system in the world and stretches over 500 km along the coastline of the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Millions of migratory birds use the Wadden Sea as their main “refueling station” on the way between their wintering grounds and breeding grounds in northern Europe.

The island of Neuwerk is occasionally home to more than 20,000 brent geese and white-cheeked geese, which are particularly protected and roost here from March to May. The white-cheeked goose is often called the “barnacle goose” and its breeding grounds range from Greenland to northern Siberia. The brent goose can be recognized by its dark plumage, white tail with a narrow black terminal band and a white ring on its black neck.

During the goose weeks, various events are offered that give you the opportunity to learn more about the goose species and their way of life. These include, for example, island walks where you can observe the geese up close, introductions to bird counting and lectures about the geese on Neuwerk. You can also report geese with colored rings on their legs to support international goose research programs. For more information on events and guided tours, including dates and how to contact us, please visit our Island Experience page for Neuwerk National Park House. Please also note the information flyer of the National Park Administration on the subject of goose weeks on Neuwerk .

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Details on location, times, costs and target group as well as tips

  • The goose weeks take place on the island of Neuwerk.
  • The National Park House provides information about venues and meeting points.
  • The goose weeks on Neuwerk are held in April and May
  • The exact dates and times can be found on the page of the National Park House.
  • Goose weeks are ideal for nature lovers, bird watchers and families.
  • The events are suitable for all age groups.
  • Participation in the events of the Goose Weeks is usually free of charge.
  • Guided tours may incur additional costs, which are indicated on the event page.
  • Donations for the work of the National Park Team are welcome.
  • Take the opportunity to learn more about the different species of geese and their way of life.
  • Bring binoculars to study the geese even better.
  • Attend events to improve your birding skills and learn more about the importance of bird populations.
  • Report observed geese with colored rings on their legs at the National Park House or directly on the website to support international goose research programs.

The goose weeks on Neuwerk offer you the unique opportunity to discover the fascinating world of resting geese in the UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea and to actively participate in international goose research programs.

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