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The anchor song: Einmal Neuwerk noch sehn…
A musical declaration of love to Neuwerk


The anchor song: Einmal Neuwerk noch sehn…

A musical declaration of love to Neuwerk by Lüder Griebel

Discover the charming “Anker Song: Einmal Neuwerk noch sehn…” – an emotional homage to the beautiful island of Neuwerk. Lyrics and melody are by Lüder Griebel, who expresses his deep attachment to the island with this song. The catchy refrain and lively verses will take you on a musical journey through the mudflats, the fascinating nature and the warm hospitality that Neuwerk has to offer.

Full song lyrics are printed below, and an embedded AudioPlayer allows you to listen to the anchor song in full. Let yourself be enchanted by the melody and the touching words and feel the deep connection and love that resonates in every note.


When I can,
then and when I can drive again,
then it no longer keeps me at home.
When the mudflats wet and heavy wrap around my wheels
I feel comfortable in my own skin.

Once Neuwerk still see, in the blue sea
how nice that would be, how nice that would be.
Where old houses stand, in the sunshine,
I would like to be so much, so much.

Every trough no matter how deep
is taken with vigor
and with humor and confidence.
Storm and weather, sunburn,
Rain, snow and poor visibility,
I don’t mind, I’m not afraid of that.

Refrain: Once Neuwerk still sehn,…

My guests on the wagon,
are delighted with Hans and me
and rave very much, from the wide sea.
Yes they want to know many things
From the weather and kissing,
that also gives me a lot of pleasure.

Refrain: Once Neuwerk still sehn,…

Oh Neuwerk you little island
finally you are in sight now
How happy I am, how I love you.
All friends from the coast
reach out to me in greeting
and also two grogs do warm me.

Refrain: Once Neuwerk still seh,…

After the day’s burden and toil,
many Hott and many Hüh
we are drawn back to the farm.
My Anna is happy then,
my children are then happy
and so are Hans and I.

Refrain: Once Neuwerk still sehn…

Lyrics and melody by Lüder Griebel

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Title: The anchor song: Einmal Neuwerk noch sehn…
Published on: 30. January 2013
Category: Culinary

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