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Freshly renovated: Restaurant “Zum Anker” & Hotel Nige Hus
Conversion of the "Anker" & the Nige Hus


Freshly renovated: Restaurant “Zum Anker” & Hotel Nige Hus

Article in the special topic supplement of the Cuxhavener Nachrichten from 05.05.2018

“The Restaurant zum Anker has been reduced by forty seats,” says Christian Griebel. A renovation measure that was due to the personnel situation. “But there are over 100 seats left.” The staff living area was modernized and enlarged.
There have also been changes at Hotel Nige Hus. The room Vogelsand offers enough space for two people and gives the view over the salt marshes towards Scharhörn and from the balcony towards the old lighthouse. The Suite Scharhörn, on the other hand, has two bedrooms spread over two floors and offers a dreamlike view towards the Elbe fairway. The interior furnishings – beds, shelves and cabinets were made to fit by the Voss joinery.

Hand on heart: Who thinks about architecture and materials when planning a building? That was exactly what was important to the Griebel family. The old beams of the Neuwerk jetty can now be found in the redesigned restaurant and, along with barnacles, now support part of the house. Salt, wind, weather and water have left their mark on them. Because wood is a living building material. Wood lives on. It moves and contracts as it dries out.
Fascinating: the many shrinkage and drying cracks, knotholes and handcrafted mortises. They give the beams a natural look and the restaurant corner under the skylight something primal. Which must be preserved. The wood was treated with wax glaze to preserve the magic of the material. Each piece of wood tells a story. Thus, a part of Neuwerk’s history lives on. The restaurant has become a whole corner more cozy, cozy and cozy.

The three areas of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating have one thing in common: they generate heat, whether intentionally or not. This must be used effectively. This means that waste heat from the cold stores is used to produce hot water for heating and the scullery. A prime example of efficient heat utilization! The Cuxhaven-based company Kältetechnik Fritz was responsible for installing the heat recovery system.

Flooded with light and close to nature – in the winter garden can be found real showpieces. The sideboard from the last century became an attractive eye-catcher. The Ziegenbein upholstery company from Bad Bederkesa, along with the other upholstered furniture, lovingly refurbished the aging sofa and turned it into the archetype of coziness with the cuddle factor. Made to measure is the new buffet cabinet. “We hadi hn built by Tischlerei Voss in such a way that it harmonizes with the furniture already in place and takes stylistic elements from it,” says Christian Griebel.

The workmen came across the mudflats – a big thank you for their efforts! The entire winter was used to renovate the Nige Hus. The material was brought over by tractor. The hard-working helpers spent the night in the house. At this point, a big thank you to all the craftsmen who, from carpenters to refrigeration technicians, gave their best during the renovation.

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Title: Freshly renovated: Restaurant “Zum Anker” & Hotel Nige Hus
Published on: 8. May 2018
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